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Momma Jam!    

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Thumbs Up!

My Dog Treed a Rabbit

Momma Jam

I Never Will Sail

Four Hands

Charlie the Elephant

Shoo Fly

My Brother Eats Bugs

Eensy Weensy Spider


The North Wind & the Sun

Do Ya Wanna Sauna?

Packing for my Hike

I Sing Every Day of My Life    

Wolf Trap Silver Medallion Award Winner
American Library Assoc. Notable Recording

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Waterfront Rag

Alvin the Alligator

Apple Pickin' Time

Two Bucks in My Pocket


New Things

Jennifer Montgomery

Hark to the Street Cries

Nobody Sings at Work Today

I think You're Wonderful

In the Jungle

I Had an Old Coat

Whether the Weather

A Modest Proposal

Row Your Boat
Purple Bamboo

Bling Blang

The Noble Cranberry

The Cranberry Bogs

Waltz and Reel

Wishing Well

When the Moon Smiles    

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Clear Waters


In Apple Pickin' Time

Sandy River Belle

Bramble and the Rose

Dune Moon Fireworks

Lament for
Owen Roe O'Neill \
Fairies' Hornpipe

When the Moon Smiles

Marquis of Huntley


Ellin Polka / Dancing Bear

Gather 'Round

Fanny Poer

Listen to the Children

Irish Waters /
La Valse Du Belugas


Rosewood and Pearl /
Margaret's Waltz

Singing Up the Moon    

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My Blanket is the Sky

Beach Baby Lullabyes

Owl Moon

Little Apple of My Eye

Don't Turn Out the Lights

Peace on Earth

White Coral Bells

Listen to the Children

Dune Moon Fireworks

Bells of Peace

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