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Corinne Rockow — Folk Musician/Storyteller

Corinne lives in Marquette with her two daughters and husband Scot Stewart, whose influence shows in the “nature” of her programs.

Her fascination with the natural world around us is directly reflected in her programs, and also resulted in the establishment of a nature center in Marquette, MI, where she lives, called Moosewood Nature Center.  Go to the Moosewood's website and find out why the owls, wolves, snakes, turtles, and other wildlife find their way into Corinne's shows!

You can also find wonderful stories to share with each other in a similar vein at sites like the Kennedy Center's ArtsEdge. The National Storytelling Network (NSN) can provide other great resources.

She has performed in schools, nature centers, libraries, festivals, conferences, & coffeehouses across the Great Lakes region since 1984, accompanied by her "extended family" of guitar, banjo, bones, dulcimers, flutes, drums, accordion, recycled instruments---whatever makes interesting sounds!

She has been trained and employed as a music therapist and K-8 music educator in southern Wisconsin as well as Powell Township School where she also directed the Big Bay Community Chorus, following in the footsteps of her father back several generations.

She has been teaching Arts Integration courses for the Education Department for Northern Michigan University since 1999, UW's School of the Arts in Rhinelander since 1988 and is a touring Artist-in-Residence for the Wolf Trap Institute in Washington D.C.

Corinne also enjoyed a stint touring Michigan State Parks for the Mich. Humanities Council's Summer Culture Tour with a lively program centered around the history & lore of the Finnish Sauna.

In 1994, she co-founded the children’s chorus “Superior Harmony” with Sheila Grazulis, which is now manifested in the Superior Harmony Children’s Theatre.

All of this points to Corinne’s philosophy about being a musician and storyteller: the word "troubadour" has a root that means "finder of treasure", and this is the essence of what she strives to share as she travels. It helps us all remember who we are, where we come from, and offers a sense of direction and hope for the future.

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